Friday, March 16, 2012

Fusion Tea Room, Peach Citrus

When I first visited Fusion Tea Rooms website, this is the tea that immediately grabbed my attention. I love a good peach tea. This one is peach / green tea with some citrus additions. This is what they have to say:

Here we have just taken a basic recipe for pure joy in a cup of tea. When life hands you a lemon, just add peach and the result is delicious with just the right “spritz”. Easy Peachy! Also great as an iced tea.Ingredients: Green Tea (89%), peach pieces, lemon peel, flavor, marigold blossoms

And here is what I think:
The first whiff of the sample packet is an obvious fresh peach scent. The citrus flavors add a nice touch. The tea leaf is flat strips that look like dried grass. There are fruit pieces mixed in with the leaf and the yellow flower petals make it attractive. I brewed this per the instructions, temperature and time wise. I found it a bit hard to eyeball the proper amount of leaf so I added extra. The brew is peachy and planty – not grassy. The liquor is light yellow green. The leaf is large pieces of olive green leaf. There are a small amount of stems present.

The sip is lightly peach. The citrus drops to the background to support the taste. There is a light bit of green tea grassiness in the late sip. This is a lovely drink. It is a lot lighter than I expected. I thought I would be bombarded with flavor but this is far more subtle than overstated. It gains flavor as it cools. I think lightly sweetened and maybe iced, this would make a great sipping tea on the front porch enjoying the spring weather. The taste seemed to me very natural and not at all artificial. Steeped twice. Another nicely done cup.

Sample provided by Fusion Tea Room ( At the time of this writing first time orders qualify for a 10% discount,

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