Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fusion Tea Room, Pumpkin Rooibos

From Fusion Tea Room:

This autumnal blend of genuine pumpkin pieces, sweet potato, freshly hand-milled fall spices, toasted sweet brown rice and organic South African rooibos provides a wonderfully warming seasonal dessert tea that is perfect by itself or with a splash of cream or milk.

Ingredients: organic honeybush, organic rooibos, buckwheat, mace, ginger, toasted rice, cinnamon, candied peanuts, pumpkin pieces, sweet potato, caramel pieces, pumpkin seeds, natural flavors, stevia leaf

This is a rooibos, honeybush blend. Normally, I would try this tisane in the fall but this was included in my samples, so what the heck. I open the sample pouch and I am immediately hit with a wonderful smell like gingerbread. Awesome, now I can’t wait to brew this one.

The dry mix is, well, a bit strange looking. There is the red leaf of honeybush and rooibos. Then there are tiny tan cubes and little white puffs that look like Rice Krispies. There are also slices of seeds. I used a healthy 2tsp of ‘leaf’ for a 12oz mug and steeped in my press for 9 minutes. The brew is a muddy orange red. This smells so good.

I am no expert but just in case, possible allergy warning – this contains cinnamon candied peanuts and ginger.

The sip is rooibos and honeybush at the beginning, followed by ginger mixing with the other spices. At the tail of the sip and especially in the aftertaste you get the pumpkin and sweet potato. This is a delicious and awesomely aromatic rooibos blend. I tried this one at work, so I did not have any milk to add to it which I imagine would have really set this off. It does contain some stevia leaf so take it easy on any sweeteners you might add as I think you could easily overdrive this one. If you are a fan of this type ‘tea’, this one is a winner.

Sample provided by Fusion Tea Room. First time customers at the time of this writing could get 10% off their first order by entering the code 10off.

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