Friday, March 2, 2012

Primula, Floral Passion

The pod on this on is different. It is kind of mushroom shaped. I added the pod to the boiling water thinking this would help protect the bloom. Even with the precaution there was a large amount of debris floating in the press. That is not typical of my experience with flowering teas. The scent of the brew is lightly jasmine. The bloom is actually quite lovely. Surrounded by the green tea is a red lily. I steep for about 3 minutes and the brew is light amber in color.

I actually like the taste of this quite a lot. The lack of globe amaranth is a big plus as I don’t care for it. The lily does add to the flavor, though I can’t really describe the taste. It is not a heavy floral taste. If you think of the jasmine as carrying the high notes and the green tea being the low, then the lily kind of fills in the mid parts.
Flowering teas I usually have to be in the mood to drink, but this one I think I could brew up on a regular basis. I enjoyed sipping it and found myself gulping it a few times. I had three - 12 oz mugs of this today and it was still going strong.

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