Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Choice, Organic Chai Spice Black Tea

A single bag of this came in a recent tea swap. I have had a couple Choice teas before and found them to be pretty good bag teas. I did notice right away that there are no ingredients or steeping instructions listed on the envelope containing the bag. I opened the lined paper envelope and caught the pleasant scent of cinnamon and clove. I sat the bag down while preparing the water and noticed it leeched a little spice dust on the desk. I looked in the bag and noticed the same. This probably happens often but it is the first time it caught my attention.

I used my typical black tea method of boiling water and a three minute steep. The bag plumped up nicely. The brew is dark and shiny. Not at all murky. Apparently the spicy dust dissolves completely. The smell is light and not overwhelming.

The sip is where I can really tell this is a Choice tea. The spices are very balanced with the cinnamon just ever so slightly more prominent in the aftertaste. More importantly, I can taste the tea base. I never crave chai tea but this one is very nice. I could drink this regularly if it were offered to me.

I thought I would try one final test. Most people add milk to their chai. I didn’t have any milk at work but I did have French vanilla creamer. Close enough. This didn’t really add anything to the experience for me. It did introduce a mild pepper note that is not present in the straight version.

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