Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lipton Green Tea Superfruit, Acai, Dragonfruit, and Melon

I notice Lipton teas seldom get a fair review on tea blogs. In my reviews I attempt to objectively look at each tea based on what it is trying to achieve. This is a mass produced tea aimed at appealing to as large a segment of the general public as possible. It is not micro-blended for the most discriminating of tastes, to be sold only in small quantities in specialty shops. With that being said, lets check it out.

The bags for this one come in paper envelopes. Almost all other companies are now using mylar envelopes that hold in the freshness. Paper envelopes while biodegradable allow the tea to go stale quickly. The tag is taped to the bag. I find this is irritating as I have ripped the bag in the past trying to get the tag loose. The bag is the flo-thru variety which makes it appear there is very little actual tea in it.

There are no steeping instructions on the envelope and my son has the box these came in. I went online and according to Lipton I should use boiling water. Normally I use cooler water for greens. I let it steep 3 minutes. The brew is a pale green. It turned orange as it cooled. The bag plumped up some but not much. The smell is light and fruity.

I found the sip to be very pleasant. It is fruity but not overly so. It is actually quite light. At first, the taste makes me think pomegranate. Then it reminds me of a Jolly Rancher watermelon stick without being overly sweet. There is a lingering fruity aftertaste that I liked.

The green tea taste is more hint than flavor. I have had an unflavored Lipton green tea before and I did catch its flavor in this, but it is very subtle. I thought this would be non-offensive to someone who thinks they don’t care for green tea. So I tested it on a co-worker who claims to hate green tea and he said, “This is really good. I would buy a box of this to keep around.”

I had to look dragonfruit up because I had never heard of it. Yes, I have seen them in the grocery store, and yes they do look alien. Since I have never tasted one I can’t say if it is accurately represented in this tea.

I like this tea. I admit it does not come close to the fruity goodness of Fusion Teas Super Fruit Sencha. On the other hand I liked it more than any of the Republic of Teas fruit flavors I have tried. It would be good iced. If you are looking for a tasty light fruit tea, give this one a try.

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