Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fusion Teas, Ginger Darjeeling Peach

Ingredients listed are Ceylon and Organic Darjeeling black, ground ginger, sweet peaches, cinnamon, organic honeybush, cloves, natural flavor.

This sample was included with my recent order. It is my second black tea from Fusion, neither of which were on the website at the time I tried them. Their black tea line, is scheduled to launch at the end of May. The smell of the dry leaf in the pouch is peach and a hint of ginger. Examining the dry leaf, you can pretty well identify most of the ingredients. The black teas are cut pretty fine as is the honeybush. The black tea plumps up when brewing. The honeybush, not so much.

The fineness of the honeybush leaf does create a dilemma. What is the proper steeping vessel? Using my French press, clean up is more work with fine leaf than with full leaf or even large broken pieces. I encounter the same thing when brewing rooibos. I am thinking maybe filter bags might be an option, unless I lose flavor with them. If so, then a little extra clean up time is worth it to get the full flavor.

While I am steeping the first cup, the guy in the office next to mine buzzes on the intercom and asks, “Are you making tea?”
“Yeah, why?”
“I can smell it. It smells peachy”
“Do you like peach?”
“Would you like me to make you some?”
Minutes later I carry a cup next door. The power of tea.

I steeped the first cup for three minutes at just below boiling. My initial response is the peach level is similar to Peach Citrus, which has a green tea base. Then I decide I didn’t have enough leaf. I added leaf (this is actually the cup I took next door) and steeped 4 minutes. Third cup, number two for me, I went 4 minutes as well.

Now the flavors are popping quite a bit more. Despite filling the office with wonderful peach aroma, this is not an in your face peach blast, but it’s no wimp either. The ginger is just under the peach in intensity. Later in the sip I notice the honeybush, followed by the cinnamon and clove. The clove is really light and you probably wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t know it was there.

This is well crafted. My only complaint is I am not really picking up on the Darjeeling. It doesn’t pop the way the honeybush does. This is a very good cup that stands on its own merits, but it does have Darjeeling in the name. Being aware I think you will find any initial disappointment short lived after a few sips.

My co-worker who had no expectations going in (except peach!) gave it a big thumbs up and with a smile. In fact he later asked if I would make him another cup.


  1. I've been searching for the best tea, I'm looking for those natural and organic ones, this is one of my choice and the other one is from mercola tulsi tea which is an organic one too.

    1. I am growing my own tulsi plant in the flower bed this year. Seems to be doing well. I will review the results when it gets big enough to steep. Also growing some bergamot mint and lemon myrtle. These ought to make a tasty cup.