Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peony Tea S, White Peony

Peony Tea S  is new to the Internet tea world and based in Singapore. This is one of three samples sent for review on The Everyday Tea Blog. The sample is an extremely generous 25g. This tea is so light the bag appears as full as some 100g bags I have bought. The packaging is nice and actually kind of beautiful. White on the outside, and silver lined inside. This is a resealable mylar pouch. The tea origin (Fuding, Fujian, China) is on the label as well as clear brewing instructions.

From Peony Tea S. website: White Peony is like the little sister of the Prom Queen (Silver Needles), you can hardly mention her without referencing her more illustrious sibling. Removed from the shadows however, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well she stands on her own merit.

No doubt, Silver Needles is an amazing tea with layers of subtle flavors. It can also carry a hefty price tag. White Peony is far less pricey and, though a little less layered, it can still be a beautiful and flavorful cup. Let’s see how little sister fares on her own merits.

Upon opening the bag I am hit with the fresh smell of a newly cut field. You can almost sense the tractor coming over the hill to bale the field. I could sniff this all day and not get tired of it. Nice.

The dry leaf has a high proportion of white fuzzy leaf. What isn’t white fuzz ranges from beige to light green. The leaves are really long and slender. The picture does not do this leaf justice. It is gorgeous. Did I mention how fresh it smells?

I followed the directions and used 3g of leaf in my press with 176F water and an infusion time of 2m. The result was very clear light yellow liquor. The wet leaf had a steamed vegetable smell but the sip tastes just like the dry leaf smells. If you try this tea and you don’t like the dry leaf smell, just box it up and ship it to me. I will dispose of it 3g at a time for you.

I made 4 cups of tea and each was as flavorful as the first. This is a really nice white peony that is fresh and sweet.

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