Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peony Tea S, Xinyang Green Tips

My second sample from newcomer Peony Tea S. This company is based in Singapore. Their tea is a bit pricier than normal American fare, however, the quality is extraordinary. This sample, like the last, is overly generous in size (hey, I’m not complaining). The packaging and label information are top notch.

From Peony Tea S website: Way back in the Tang Dynasty (618 -907 AD), Xinyang Green Tips have been earmarked as tribute teas for the Emperors. No real surprise really, once you savored it- it has a chestnut like aroma and a refreshing lingering sweetness that leaves you longing for more.

To enjoy it deeper, trying sipping plain water after drinking Xinyang Green Tips, you’ll be surprised how sweet plain ol’ water can taste. This is what we refer to as the recurring sweetness.

I opened the package and took a deep whiff. The dry scent is sweet and sour. Hey, that wasn’t in the brochure. I used the spatula and pulled out the dry leaf for an examination. The picture is a pretty good representation of this one. It is very thin, long, brittle, and dark grassy green.

I used my French press, for this Chinese tea package in Singapore, and shipped to me in America. How international. The spatula holds approximately 3g of leaf. I steeped it for 2 minutes with 175F water.

The aroma of the wet leaf as I remove the press lid is of buttery vegetables. The wet leaf itself is composed of small leaves that are pretty, and light grassy green. The color of the liquor is a very pale yellow. When I say pale, I mean almost clear.

The sip is sweet liquid butter. So good. It kind of reminds me of buttered popcorn. Late in the sip it tastes a bit green. I suppose you could over steep, but as brewed there is no bitterness at all. Did I mention butter? How about sweet? This is literally the naturally sweetest tea I have ever brewed. It has a lingering melon aftertaste.

I steeped this 3 times. Each cup becomes less sweet and less buttery. This is a very good tea. Brew it when you have time to savor the moment and the cup.

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