Monday, July 9, 2012

Utopia Tea, Rooibos Root beer

The ingredients listed on the sample pack are Organic rooibos, vanilla, cinnamon, sassafras root, and natural flavors.

What’s not to like here? This is listed a couple different places on Utopia’s website. One of those places is children’s teas. With good reason. It’s that much fun.

This is my third sample provided by Utopia Tea. The sample is .3oz and contains enough for two servings. The sample is well labeled. As with all the samples I was left confused on how I should open it. Should I cut off the top? The side? A bottom corner? I opted for cutting off the top so I could paper clip it closed after the first cup. I know it is a minor point.

I used half the leaf and steeped in my Finum basket. Made two cups. The taste is first vanilla followed by sassafras. My palate isn’t sensitive enough to catch the cinnamon by itself but so what if it blends in nicely with everything else. The rooibos is present in the sip but it blends well with the other flavors. Does it taste like root beer? Well, it might come close if you used carbonated water. Mostly this is just a fun, balanced, I would drink this often, cup. I added Splenda but it was a bit sweet on its own and isn’t necessary.

With the last half of the sample I had to try something I read on the label on the back of the sample. I steeped up my cup, let it get cold, and added a scoop of ice cream! Since this is a root beer inspired tea you have to think of it as a root beer inspired float. Cold I notice the rooibos a lot more. It takes on a darker kind of taste. I drank it pretty much straight down. If you are expecting a real root beer float you will be disappointed. If you are expecting a flavored rooibos ice cream treat, this is a fun one.

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