Monday, October 1, 2012

Mother Parkers, Orange Pekoe

Product Description:
This orange-pekoe tea offers a flavourful blend of longwise-rolled fragrant black teas with strong floral and fruity aromas with a pleasant woody note. But don't be confused by the name. There's no orange flavour. Orange-pekoe is a name that tea growers use to designate black tea leaves that are very small, hardly more than a bud. Each orange-pekoe tea bag is envelope-sealed for freshness.

My Review:
I went to Steak & Shake for breakfast one recent  morning and ordered my usual hot tea. When the little metal pitcher of water and the cup with the bag on the saucer arrived, I frowned.

“They quit ordering the Darjeeeling?”

“We aren’t sure if it was discontinued or someone just hit the wrong button when ordering”


“The Darjeeling is pretty good… I guess I’ll have to write corporate! (joking – sort of)”

So I put the bag in the cup and pour the water. The whole time I am thinking, I really don’t like hot Lipton tea. That is what I imagined this was going to be, but it is not.

This is dust in a paper bag, sure, but it is a good one. It is not bitter or astringent. It makes a strong enough cup to make me happy. It is a nice, sort of a sweet, mellow cup of tea.

While I was drinking this, Andy (our server) found the last remaining bag of Mother Parkers Darjeeling in the back and brought it to me. So of course I had to have it as well. It is a little better than the orange pekoe because it has a bit more depth and it is fruity. However, the Orange Pekoe is really not bad at all. In fact I quite like it.

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