Friday, October 19, 2012

Zen Tea, Tieguanyin Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

Zen Tea description:
Produced in Fujian, China. In appearance this tea is a dark-roasted, highly oxidized and of a coffee-bean colour. The dry-leaf aroma is of spices and flowers. The dominant flavour of the brewed tea is dried peach with a lingering fruit and spice aftertaste. The aroma is long-lasting with hints of sweet honey and spice in combination. This tea aids digestion and also can boost energy levels.

My Review:
This sample was supplied by Zen Tea

The dry leaf is dark browns and cinnamon colored. There are a few stems visible. The pellets are solid and not as tightly packed as I normally think of with oolong. The scent they call flowers and spice. To me it is closer to paint like. Knowing that the brew is often quite different than the dry experience, I press on – literally, I guess, as I steep in a French press.

I used a healthy scoop of leaf and heavily steaming water. The steep time was about 1 1/2m. The liquor is a beautiful clear yellow / green. The leaf is not completely unfurled and is quite dark. The wet leaf aroma has a prickly sort of scent like sticking your face in a geranium. Quite different than the dry smell.

The sip reveals a light oolong. I may have under steeped. Zen Tea describes the main flavor is peach. I get what they are saying, but to me it comes off as more orange. There is a lingering floral aftertaste.

The aroma of the second cup is much darker and roasted. The taste is sweet and much more developed. The first cup was a bit ordinary. The second steep yields a really good cup.

Third cup was similar to the first cup. The leaves are almost unfurled and some of them are pretty large. It has kind of a floral melon aftertaste.

My review seems kind of blah towards this tea. I assure you the reviews on Steepster were much more positive. I guess this one just doesn't appeal to me as much as it did to others.

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