Monday, May 27, 2013

Cuppa Crew Tea Company, Super Fancy Formosa

Cuppa Crew Description:
An absolutely stunning Taiwanese oolong that’s nearly a black tea. Look for hints of peach and baked pastry – truly delectable!

Excuse me while I steep another cuppa….

My Review:
I won an ounce of this in a contest - yeah me!

The tea is packaged in a resealable pouch that looks like brown wrapping paper on the outside but it is aluminum or mylar on the inside. Point is, the tea stays fresh. The leaf is broken pieces of leaf that looks like, well, dried leaves. The dry aroma is mostly like hay and bark and is ever so slightly roasted. It reminds me of fall, but it is a wet cool spring day, so close enough.

I used a healthy scoop of leaf in my press with water heated to heavy steaming. My steep time was around 2 1/2 minutes. The brew looks bronze in the press but much darker in the mug.

This is very different than any oolong I have had before. It reminds me of Darjeeling. It is almost a black tea with no smoke and only the lightest roasted notes. I can kind of agree to peach notes because I read it. I am not sure I would come up with that description on my own. I am getting light and fruity with wood notes. This is not a bold black flavor. it is smooth with no astringency, bitterness, or bite. Two thumbs up!

The description says this tastes pastry. I am not sure what that means. It is almost malty but not, almost cocoa, but not. It’s not really yeasty. It does kind of taste like the crust of bread – kind of. Maybe bread dipped in Darjeeling, without the Muscatel. Wow, I’m at a loss. One thing I can tell you is the problem with this tea – it keeps disappearing out of my cup.

This is my very first Formosa Oolong. I must say I really am enjoying this one.

Visit the Cuppa Crew Tea Company and check this one out!

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