Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nina's Teas USA, Tigre Blanc

Nina's Teas USA Description:

Orange flowers, peach
A semi-oxidised tea with the soothing taste of peach blended with orange flowers. Make time to enjoy a cup of this tea and appreciate a sheer moment of peace and serenity.

Sample provided by Nina's Teas USA

My Review:
Man, the cool wet spring weather and the abundance of pollen in the air have knocked me out of tea drinking commission lately. I think the worst is past, so let's drink some tea.

I opened up the sample packet and breathed in the aroma of peach and orange. It is not overly heavy and is quite nice. There is also a darker scent in there as well. Pouring the leaf into the press and adding heavily steaming water reveals the roasty notes of the oolong base. I steeped for about 3 minutes. The brew is caramel in color.

By the roasted scent of the wet leaf, I was expecting this to taste like a heavily roasted wuyi oolong. Instead the flavor is only mildly roasted, more nutty actually. At the beginning of the sip it tastes lightly peach. Then oolong picks up. Toward the end of the sip it turns back to peach with an ever so light touch of orange. This has a natural sweetness but still handles added sweetener if desired. The peach lingers long in the aftertaste. As the cup cools, the peach picks up in intensity, yet remains balanced. This is a worthy cup.

I did not try this myself, but another reviewer prepared this as a cold brewed tea and stated it was delicious.

One thing I have learned is that Nina's Paris has been blending masterful fragrances for 300 years. They have brought this mastery to their USA tea line. The flavors are generally light, always refreshing, and wonderfully natural. For now you can find their offerings on Amazon. They plan to soon open an ecommerce webstore at ninasteastore.

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