Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nina's Teas USA, The sur la Lune

Nina's Teas USA Description:
Blueberry, passion fruit, raspberry, orange Oranges, passion fruit and red fruits united in harmony to bring you a balanced blend of delicious flavours.

Sample provided by Nina's Teas USA

My Review:
First take a moment to check out the picture. This alien looking leaf is what I found when I opened the sample bag. The aroma is blueberry and citrus. This, as far as I recall, is my first blueberry tea. Dry it smells pretty awesome.

In the press it goes with near boiling water for a 3 minute steep. I am not sure what Nina's recommends. I just used my stock flavored black tea brewing method. The cup is nice and dark with a bright shininess. The wet leaf aroma is berry and citrus with a dark carmel roastiness.

The last tea by Nina's that I reviewed was Magicienne. I said it reminded me of eating cotton candy at the fair. This one is a good follow up. It is like a grown up version of the shaved ice drink we often enjoy in the summer. The flavors are so balanced that I really can't separate them - other than the blueberry. I drank this warm and found it very nice, but I feel certain that iced with a little sweetener this would be amazing.

Nina's Paris has been around for over 300 years. Just recently they have begun to sell tea in America. You can find at least some of the offerings on Amazon. They also plan to open an ecommerce webstore at ninasteastore.


  1. Mmmmm- shaved ice works for me! By the way, I'm in Taiwan - posting some tea pics on blog.

  2. This sounds heavenly. I love the idea of mixing blueberry and passion fruit. I bet this is fantastic iced - agreed!

    Best wishes, Alex