Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School

Last week I walked into a college classroom for the first time in 30 years. I was nervous and thrilled at the same time. The two hour lecture left my head spinning and for a moment I doubted whether I should be there. Then I looked around the room and saw the same panicked look on at least half the class. The two hour lab time that followed was filled with inquiring minds trying to make sense of all the information.

I am a drafter. I knew this was my career from 7th grade. For the last 25 years I have been a 2-D AutoCAD user. Upon being 'downsized' earlier this year, I learned the world had changed and I had been left behind. Every interview I managed to arrange ended once it was discovered I did not know how to draw in 3-D. So now I find myself in the confusing but fun world of Solid Works 3-D modeling.

What does this have to do with this blog and tea?

First, I find myself a bit frantic at the moment and the blog is being a little neglected. I will get back to regular updates soon - I hope.

As for tea, after the class it became clear I needed to find a laptop that was new and powerful enough to handle the software I was to download for homework. My Internet speed and WiFi usage limits are too restrictive to allow me to use my desktop computer. I got a 17" HP Pavilion and took it to Starbucks, where I sat for five hours downloading the program. Why Starbucks? My wife insisted they had the fastest public WiFi in town. I doubt it but they did have the coffee she really wanted. I ordered an iced Tazo Earl Grey.

I have never really been that impressed with Tazo. This day was a completely different experience. This may have been one of the best Earl Grey's I have ever tasted. Apparently I have never had a fresh enough tea from the purchased boxes. This tea was solid and not overdone but strong just as I like it. The bergamot was equally strong and quite fruity with a hefty floral note late in the sip. It ended with a nice astringent bite that wrapped the sides of the tongue. I still can't believe this was Tazo. I left very tired from the download but majorly impressed with the tea.

Now I am off to do more homework.

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  1. I actually like their Earl Grey lattes, half sugar. And best wishes!