Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nina’s Teas USA, Taurus

Nina’s Teas USA Description:
Strawberry pieces, strawberry and cream flavors

My Review:
So, if someone asks you if you would like a cup of rooibos, what is your immediate reaction? Too often the reaction is - No thanks. My own take is generally, it's OK and if offered I'd try it. 

That is exactly what happened with this sample. Nina's asked members of Steepster who would be willing to try this blend. I'm no fool, I said pick me, pick me!

I have come to respect Nina's Teas USA as being masters at crafting a wonderful and elegant tasting cup. Let's see if they can blend rooibos in the same magical way. 

The sample looks like standard rooibos. There is only a slight scent, but nothing that really grabs my attention. I poured the sample into my Finum basket, boiled some water and poured into the cup. The steep was around 4 minutes.

I took the first sip and was totally surprised. I don't taste rooibos. Instead this is a very light cup of strawberry. It reminds me of the wild strawberries that grow in our fence row. It is slightly green tasting, not at all tart. This is very nice. I passed the cup to my wife. She said, "ooh strawberry but its kind of light". My son took a sip and also thought of wild strawberry. 

At this point I added some sweetener. OH WOW! I don't care if you never add sweetener - just do it! This is amazing. The cup now explodes with flavor. It is like a big juicy bowl of sweet strawberries and cream. I do catch a slight woodsy aftertaste of the rooibos. It blends so well with the berry and cream that you won't mind. There is no tartness from the berries and no rough edges from the rooibos.

I am impressed at how really good this tastes. This is a caffeine free tisane you can actually look forward to sipping.

Nina's Paris has been blending masterful fragrances for 300 years. They have brought this mastery to their USA tea line. You can currently find their offerings on AmazonThey plan to open an ecommerce webstore at ninasteastore.

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