Sunday, April 27, 2014

Berylleb King Tea, 2010 Yunnan Menghai Dayi 7562 Ripe Pu'er Tea

Tea Description:
The ripe Pu’er Brick is Menghai Factory’s traditional ripe tea brick. Young robust leaves are lightly fermented to maintain the tea’s vitality. It yields a bright red broth with a bold, slightly bitter flavor and hints of aged aroma. This ripe tea brick was especially made for collection and storage.

Product Details:
Origin: Menghai, Yunnan Province, China.
Grade: Classical Ripe Pu'er Tea.
Type: Black Tea.
Production Date:  in 2010.

My Review:
I was given a generous sample of a tea by a fellow tea drinker and pu'er lover. He is not absolutely certain (but pretty sure) the sample is from this brick and from Berylleb King Tea on Ebay.

Rather than a brick like shown, mine was about 1" x 2" and recessed across the middle so it easily broke into two sections. The leaf was dark brown, nearly black, with many golden tips like I would expect from Yunnan tea. It was very densely packed.

I placed the half section in my press and added just off boiling water. I steeped for 45 seconds. I normally would use a shorter time but the brick remained pretty solid after the steep. The color of the brew is dark orange.

The aroma of the leaf is kind of 4-H barn. The cup is lighter but similar. The taste, however, is really nice. It is horse tack and cedar. It feels smooth as silk. There are no rough edges that need tamed here. This is very easy to sip or even chug, if you are so inclined. I am also noticing it is kind of sweet. Me and my Splenda monkey like that. This is a very enjoyable pu’er.

The next day I used the leaf again and steeped for 30 seconds thinking the leaf would need to be reawakened after leaving it overnight. I was wrong. This cup is very dark, almost black. Because I steeped a little too long it is slightly rough around the edges. Otherwise this is still very easy to drink. This is a really nice pu'er.

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