Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Simple Loose Leaf, Decaf Breakfast Black

Simple Loose Leaf Description:
A delicious whole leaf Ceylon Black Tea, decaffeinated by CO2 natural processing. This Decaf Breakfast provides a deep robust, yet gentle flavor with a dry and smooth finish that has a subtle hint of honey. Delicious as a traditional black tea, served either hot or iced, and often enjoyed with sweetener and milk.

Brew at 212F for 3-5 min.

My Review:
I mentioned in the Strawberry Black post that it was the last tea from the 6 month subscription I was given by Simple Loose Leaf. I also mentioned that one tea had slipped past me during review. It was this Decaf Breakfast Black. I had originally selected it for my wife. She cannot tolerate caffeine so she drinks mostly herbal teas. Most grocery store type decaf teas leave a lot to be desired. I thought she deserved better.

Opening the resealable pouch I catch the dry leaf aroma and it smells like grain. The scent is very pleasant. One more mention of the pouch - it has a vent in the back that helps to force the air out of the bag once the top is sealed. I really like that feature.

I steeped it for 3 minutes in a Finum basket with microwave heated water. In my opinion this is not the proper way to prepare tea. It is the method I often use late inn the evening when fixing a bedtime cup. Here it appears to have turned out OK. I think my normal kettle/press method might have resulted in a darker cup.

This was a nice gentle tea, soothing and relaxing. It is just what I needed this evening. Decaf is never going to taste as full as regular tea because the caffeine is part of the taste. That said this is still really pretty good. It is actually far better than I expected. The taste is slightly malty and earthy or wood. Definitely a solid decaf black. My wife might drink it for breakfast, as for me this is a great last cup of the day.

Visit the Simple Loose Leaf site.

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