Monday, March 2, 2015

Simple Loose Leaf, Lemon Grass Herbal

Simple Loose Leaf Description:
Lemon Grass is a native herb of Southeast Asia.  It is said to help with digestion, calms the nerves, and helps with high blood pressure.  Our Lemon Grass has a delicate Meyer lemon flavor with a hint of sweet ginger and an uplifting floral aroma.

Sample provided by Simple Loose Leaf

My Review:
Today is one of those days when I probably should just walk away from the kettle before someone (me) gets hurt. Wow, seriously. I dropped the scoop of leaf on the desk - not once, but twice. I dropped the open bag. I almost dropped the camera into the cup - while it was full. Fortunately I did not get injured and the loss of leaf was minimal, but seriously, what a day.

OK, deep breath, this one is a caffeine free herbal. The only ingredient is lemon grass. I find that surprising. I have had lemon grass many times, blended with other ingredients. It is a good solid flavoring.

What surprised me is when I opened the sample, I smelled lemon grass and ginger. There was also a touch of grass. All the times I have sipped it, I never knew it had a ginger note.

I removed the aforementioned dropped leaf from the resealable pouch and eventually got in on the plate. Yeah, it looks like wood shavings and dried grass. Some of the leaf is now a very fine dust. Maybe I did that with my clumsiness. No idea.

My wife has already been into this leaf. What did she think? Well, all I got out of her was, "I want it back after you have a cup." I think that means she liked it.

I should have used a Finum basket to keep the fine sediment out of my cup. I should have, but the previously mentioned wife has both in use at the moment. So, instead I used my cup with the stainless mesh basket. The mesh is not fine enough for this leaf but I figure it is just added fiber.

The water is boiled and poured over the leaf, covered, then steeped for about five minutes. The brew is a very fragrant deep honey colored. The bottom of the cup has some sediment from my steeping choice, otherwise the liquor is clear.

The taste is strong and fragrant with lemon. My olfactory is basking in the sweet floral notes that accompany the taste. The lemon gives way to a warm hint that is ginger like, with out the heat and scratchy qualities. The lemon stays strong but blends with a grassiness at the end.

I did not realize how pleasant lemon grass tasted on its own. I can see why my wife has claimed it for her very own.

You can find Simple Loose Leaf, Lemongrass Herbal here.

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