Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paisley Tea Co, Organic English Breakfast

From the Paisley website, "If you want a proper cuppa', this tea hits the spot. As a specialised blend of Indian and African teas, our Organic English Breakfast Tea is traditional, but approachable. We love it in the morning with a splash of milk."

Paisley Tea Co. is a new tea company and an offshoot of two leaves and a bud. According to the two leaves press release the goal in creating Paisley tea is “to offer premium quality tea that isn’t often seen in the world of affordable everyday tea.”

These are English style tea bags. I'll not go over the packaging here but if you are interested in knowing more read my review of Paisley's Double Earl Grey.

I'll be honest with you here. I was not all that excited about trying this tea. My experience with English Breakfast tea, bagged or loose, has been rather limited. I once described this type tea as beige. Nothing particularly wrong with it but nothing memorable either. Paisley has succeeded in changing my mind. I am guessing it is the use of African tea in the blend.

I used boiling water and steeped for approximately 3 minutes. The cup was rich, dark, and highly aromatic. Most English Breakfast teas I’ve tried taste like, well, tea. This is sweet and woodsy. It is not bitter. Instead of the typical bite I normally associate with this breakfast teas, it is surprisingly smooth.

I added a splash of milk and some Splenda. It took both in stride. It didn't change the flavor as much as enhanced it. This is a really nice cup that I can see the Everyday Tea Drinker enjoying often.

Thank you Paisley Tea Co. for sharing your tea with me. Nicely done!

Vist the Organic English Breakfast webpage.


  1. This is very similar to my impression of this tea. I thought it was well-done (I drank it straight), but it did not quite amaze me. Slightly above average, but I'm not sure it was good enough to justify the well-above-average price. I'm still a bigger fan of Two Leaves and a Bud, which I think offers considerably higher quality tea, even though it is pricier.

    1. I found this on Amazon for about $3.88 for 25 bags. Twinings locally costs about $3 for 20 bags. Teas like two leaves and Numi run around $5 here. So it never occurred to me that this was priced high. Actually Stash is just as expensive locally and has only 18 tiny half filled bags. Such is the state of tea on the shelves in rural America.

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