Friday, July 6, 2012

Utopia Tea, Jasmine Green

From Utopia Tea's web site, "Jasmine Green tea leaves have a soft aromatic finish that is infused with delicate jasmine petals. This is a sweet cup that is slightly toasted."

This is my first taste of Utopia Tea. It is one of three samples that were furnished for review. This is also the first jasmine tea I have tasted, other than flowering teas, with jasmine petals mixed in with the tea leaf. The green tea leaf is comprised of small pieces.

I used a scoop of leaf for 12 oz of water per the instructions. I did not use the brewing instructions for the water temperature. It called for boiling water. That just sounds way too hot for green tea. I used much cooler water and a 2 minute steep in my press.

The leaf after brewing smells lightly of jasmine. The brew is light amber/green. The sip is at first creamy, then lightly jasmine. The green tea is in the background. This is a very mellow cup of tea. Utopia says the tea is lightly roasted. I could not detect this element in the cup. Honestly, I can only barely catch the green tea. The jasmine is not overdone. It is quite nice. Wonderfully floral with a touch of honeysuckle.

I used to believe I hated jasmine tea. What I have learned is I just didn't like the artificial flavoring of cheap bagged jasmine. This is a very nice natural tasting jasmine.

I enjoyed two steeps from this leaf. I think Jasmine Green will appeal especially to those who aren't ordinarily fans of green tea. This is a nice cup. 

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