Friday, December 28, 2012

Twinings, Rose Garden

Twinings Description:
From English country gardens to ancient Turkish palaces, there's nothing like the romance and style of a rose. We think the taste and aroma are special, too.

That's why we've blended the elegant fragrance of rose with a light, refreshing black tea. Make a cup, take a moment and prepare to be wooed. Great news - although initially launched as a Limited Edition, Rose Garden is now permanently available, following popular demand.

My Review:
This one came from a my Steepster friend ashmanra. This is apparently started as a limited time edition from Twinings and is not readily available in the USA. It pays to have connections. This is a bagged tea.

Generally speaking, rose teas scare me. Why? Mostly because tea blenders don't know how to behave themselves. If a little is good, a whole lot should be great, right? NOT! I opened the envelope and removed the bag. I smell rose. Red Alert! Shields up! I heated the water and poured over the bag. The steep time was, well... whatever looked right.

I lift the cup and breathe in rose. Phasers on stun! I took my first sip. What? It is not overwhelming. Hmmm. Cancel red alert. This isn't scary. Yes, it is rose but lightly done. I can taste the tea. Balance! How rare. This takes sweetener well. Nicely done. Another solid offering from Twinings.

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