Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ahmad Tea, Strawberry Sensation

Ahmad Description:
The delicious taste of this classic summer fruit fused with black tea makes an unusually refreshing drink - the perfect complement to a hot summer’s day.

My Review:
I have avoided strawberry tea for the longest time as I expected to hate it. A good tea friend sent an award winner of a very inexpensive strawberry tea bag my way and it changed my mind. Strawberry and tea are excellent companions. Now this one by Ahmad is one I had planned to buy the first time I saw it. Ahmad is hands down my favorite company for tea bag tea. They just seem to get it right more often than not. It just so happened that before I could find this to buy, a new tea friend sent this my way.

I opened the envelope and swore I had just opened a box strawberries out of the fridge. The aroma is awesome! I boiled my water and steeped this for 4 or 5 minutes. I am pretty loose with my parameters with Ahmad tea because it always forgives and produces a good cup.

The taste is lighter than the smell but the flavor is pretty close to the real deal. I actually like that the strawberry is light enough that I can taste the tea. It gets bonus points for that. If you are going to drink bagged tea it might as well be a good one. I will still buy this when I see it in the store. My taste buds rate this a high yum factor.

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