Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ahmad Tea, Lemon and Lime Twist

Ahmad Description:
The zesty flavour of lemons lend this tea a warm aroma and generous flavour, which can be appreciated either warm or iced.

Ingredients: Black Tea, lemon peel, lime peel, lemon and lime flavoring

My Review:
I slept in late the morning of this review. Now I need tea. I was just recently permanently laid off from my job of 31 years. I know, I know, but I had a couple months warning which is more than most people get. Of course that meant bringing home years of accumulation including nearly all of my teas.

This morning most of my tea stuff is still packed up. Happily I found the tea bags I intended to take on my last day of work but had forgotten them on the counter (It's all good, I borrowed some from a friend). Today, I can't locate my kettle so I heated the water in the microwave (which I try to avoid) and steeped for… uhmmm... well until the water was getting cool. You would think I had never done this before. This tea took it in stride. It is pretty forgiving.

The first thing I notice is the lime really pops. Lime is not a flavor I am used to tasting.  It kind of opened my eyes. Next I taste the lemon. The lemon and lime are actually well balanced after the initial shock. The big bonus for me is I can taste the tea. A lot of grocery store bagged teas aren’t balanced. Ahmad generally does a great job as they have done here. Lemon and lime are never flavors I have on their own so I think they taste natural in this but maybe you would disagree. Anyway the taste is very flavorful. The base seems mellow for Ahmad. In their Earl Grey the base has rougher edges. For a no fuss cup this worked well.

When life hands you lemons (and lime) make some tea!


  1. Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for the lovely review. I'm sorry to hear about your situation with work - hopefully bigger and better things are on the horizon!

    Glad to see that you enjoyed our Lemon & Lime Twist. If you like green teas, you'll love our newest blends: Raspberry & Pomegranate and Strawberry & Kiwi. And for that Peach love, there's always our fan favorite, the Peach & Passion Fruit tea.

    If there's a particular blend you can't find in "rural America," let me know and I can try to find some samples. And feel free to provide your reviews on our website:

    Best of luck and warm regards,
    Ahmad Tea

    1. Thanks for the kind words and warm regards.

      Ahmad Earl Green is probably the tea that most inspired my tea journey growth. I have to tell you - For fun I used your website 'where to buy' feature and set it on a range of 50 miles. As expected it returned no results. Glad there is Amazon!

      I do hope Ahmad keeps growing and establishes a bigger prescense in America and finds its way into the big box stores.

      I would be happy to receive Ahmad samples and review them here. Please contact me by following the "Want Your Tea Reviewed?" link up on the right of this page.

  2. I am a new follower of Ahmad tea lemon and lime flavor,but I noticed an increase on hormones and I really want to ask is it part of the health benefits. Ahmad tea seems to be the black tea am really curious to knowing the benefits health wise

    1. Thanks for writing. I think if you feel drinking Ahmad tea is having a positive health benefit in your life, you should keep on drinking it. Myself, I drink tea because I love the variety and range of tastes that all come from this same plant. I really don’t look to tea for major health benefits. I personally think you will gain more health benefit from watching your diet, exercising, keeping your mind active, listening to music that uplifts, and developing a happy satisfied attitude toward life. Tea is just a small part of the overall picture.

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  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas on health. It great, I really love to read more health related articles since health is wealth. we need to value our health like seriously.