Sunday, February 10, 2013

Della Terra Teas, Mellow Mango Peach

Della Terra Description:
When it’s time to relax and “mellow out” it’s time for our Mellow Mango Peach. Perfect for summertime, the real pieces of mango and peach along with the rose petals also make this perfect for anytime.

Price $8.50/2oz

My Review:
This is my first Della Terra tea, thanks to the sharing of a tea friend. I don’t have a list of ingredients during the tasting so I am not sure what all is in this one. This smells very peachy. I do see some kind of flower petals. They look like rose. This is an aromatic tea that I imagine would leech in to nearby leaf. I store my powerful blends far removed from the unflavored teas and each other. I used about 2.5g of leaf. This is small broken pieces and definitely not dust. I used 12oz of boiling water and steeped about 4 minutes. The resulting brew is light for a black and orange in color.

As peach as this smells, the taste is unexpectedly muted. Normally I expect one of two things with peach tea. I expect to taste the fuzz on the peach with the deliciously outrageous blends, or for it to taste artificial like most bagged versions. This is neither. The mango and other ingredients seem to be offsetting the peach rendering this super mellow. The peach taste does come back and linger long and hard in the aftertaste.

Hmmm. Possibly this sample is old and has lost its flavor. I need to check other reviews to get a better idea on this tea. If it is intended to be this mellow, it is too mellow for me. I might be ok with it if I could taste the tea base. 
So here is the skinny. Others tell me this tea is best cold brewed or iced. They agree the flavor of this served hot is less than spectacular.

I let the cup set and reach room temperature. I can now say this is pretty tasty. The flavor pops more in the cold cup. Interesting. I often find teas taste better to me once they cool off. This one is a leading example. Peach tea makes an awesome iced tea so it’s all good.

Visit the Della Terra Teas website. 

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