Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Persimmon Tree, Immortal Nectar

The Persimmon Tree Description:
The rare, premium cave-aged Organic Pu Erh Tea yields a deep brown liquor with a light sherry aroma and a smooth, earthy flavor.

Price: $13.99/2oz

Sample provided by The Persimmon Tree for review.

My Review:
I received a box containing four tins of tea for review. The tins were bubble wrapped for protection. These are solid nice tins and are attractively designed.

I opened this one and poured out about 2.5g of loose leaf. Looking at it makes me think milk chocolate. It appears a little darker than the picture. The leaf pieces are small like I normally associate with black tea. The dry aroma is earthy.

I used 12oz of water in my press with boiling water. My first steep was around one minute. They recommend a 3-5 minute steep. After the first minute it was sufficiently dark in appearance for me. It was ruby red and looked more coffee like in the mug. The aroma is earthy and a bit barnyard. If you are not a puerh drinker that may sound off putting, but I find it pretty typical. There is no fishy aroma as found in poorly produced tea.

The taste, as in most puerh, is nothing like the scent. It is very smooth and lightly sweet. It is earthy - like a forest floor after a spring rain. There is a light amount of old leather book binding without the mustiness. This is not the most complex puerh I have tasted but does have a nice even flavor. There are no foul tastes and no bitterness or astringency associated with this tea. The same leaf can be reused to steep several cups of tea.

If you have tried Numi bagged puerhs or (shudder) cheap grocery store versions and are ready to move up to the next level, this would be a nice one to check out what unflavored puerh is all about.  

Visit the webpage for Immortal Nectar.

About The Persimmon Tree:
(From their website) The Persimmon Tree® offers our customers some of the world's finest organic teas and botanicals. Not only are most of our fresh high quality teas from around the globe hand-blended and organically grown, some of our teas are also fair trade, ensuring fair working conditions, fair wages, and a better life for tea workers from countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

At The Persimmon Tree®, our mission is simple: to enrich people's lives through the pleasure of tea.

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