Monday, January 27, 2014

Dr Tea, 2012 Tea Flower Cake

Tea cake made with flowers from the tea tree. Processed similar to Pu Er tea dried and compressed.

My Review:
This tea was given to me by a friend. He bought it from Dr Tea on Aliexpress. I have never bought anythig off Aliexpress as it makes me nervous. My friend tells me this seller has been very good and he highly recommends him.

This has been compressed, so dry it kind of resembles crumbling chip board :) It also highly reminds me of the dehydrated camellia flowers I have enjoyed from Teavivre. This is, as far as I can tell, made entirely from the flowers of a tea tree. According to the seller it ages like a puerh.

I placed my sample into my clear glass press and added about 5 oz of boiling water. The chunk began to break apart leaving flowers floating in my press. I let it steep for about 45 seconds. The result is a slightly cloudy apricot colored brew that I poured into a small cup.  The aroma of the wet leaf is a lightly musty woodsy aroma somewhere between yabao and camellia flowers.

The sip has a sheng like bright not quite metallic bite. The taste is the missing link between yabao and camellia flowers. It is difficult to explain. It has a slight taste of both horse and pinewood. The experience is far better than it sounds. I am noticing a drying sensation at the front sides of my tongue. I catch glimpses of apple or chamomile type notes and cinnamon. The aftertaste lingers with vegetal sweetness. I never felt the need to add sweetener which is extremely rare for me.

The second cup is darker and the wet leaf smells sweeter and more vegetal. The taste is bolder. What I called horse before is now more leathery. The woodsy flavor is more like a green oolong flavor now. The aftertaste is so richly herbaceous it is like biting into a fresh plant. I added a little sweetener to see if I was missing anything. It did turn the brightness of this youthful tea down a notch but I found it a little too sweet this way.

Is this caffeine free? I have no idea. Is this a true tea or an herbal? Again, not a clue. This is a vey unique tea. It might not appeal to all, but if my description didn't frighten you, then you just might find this an interesting cup.

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