Thursday, January 30, 2014

Verdant Tea, Laoshan Bilochun Green

Verdant Tea Description:
This tea is made from fresh-picked leaves and buds for a sweet grassy flavor.  The hand rolling gives the tea a much longer steeping life than traditional Laoshan Green, and a more savory full-bodied base note.  The Spring harvest captures the creamy oat and soy milk notes of traditional Laoshan Green, while intensifying the sweet, green snap pea notes with a long, lingering aftertaste and tingling mouth-feel. It is exciting to be able to support projects in innovation like this one that not only benefit us tea drinkers and the He family, but advance the state of tea in general and keep challenging producers to bring out the best in their specific terroir.

My Review:
The leaf on this is long dark twists that look very brittle. I used 1 tsp of leaf with a cup of water heated to 175 F. The steep was one minute per Verdant's suggestion. The leaf turned brightly green and sank to the bottom. The wet leaf scent was spinach and kelp. The liquor had almost no color but as it cooled in the cup it turned light yellow.

This is clean and crisp with some bite that tickles the edges of the tongue and cheek. I am finding it slightly salty but lightly creamy. It is not quite to the point of buttery. The taste is fresh reminding me of pea pods. The more I am sipping the more this has become incredibly sweet. The aftertaste is long lingering and has an almost tieguanyin viney oolong taste about it. This really makes the mouth water.

I just read the description posted above. They pretty much nail this one except I don't find it grassy. To me grassy is a taste I associate with Sencha. This is more like a very sweet spring field of grass. This is very nice.

I just published this moments ago but I am already revising it. As the cup cools this becomes like melted butter on corn without the greasy feel. I am also catching notes of nuts in it. Yum.

Visit the Verdant Tea website.

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