Friday, January 24, 2014

Verdant Tea, Sun Dried Jingshan Green

Verdant Tea Description:
The flavor of the early steepings are sweet and refreshing with a mouth-watering juiciness to the texture.  The predominant flavors are light, sweet and mellow vegetals like sweet grass or aloe.  In the creamy body, there is a teasing hint of savory oat or sweet pea.  The texture is sweet, juicy, and full bodied.

The later steepings continue to grow brighter and thicker as the aftertaste becomes even juicier with floral notes of rose water.  More of the traditional silky Yunnan texture comes through in later steepings, along with hints of refreshing celery.  Longer steepings bring out the more savory aspects of this tea, and intensify the texture with more pronounced warm, numbing spice of coriander or anise.   Citrus aftertastes of lime linger long after your last sip

My Review:
Today's tea comes from Yunnan Provence in China. As you can see in the picture the leaf is kind of a dusty looking dark green. I prepared this western style using my press. The water was heated to 175 F and I steeped for 2 minutes.

The liquor is a golden yellow with a hint of green. Just what I needed to remind me of spring on this very cold day in January. The wet leaf scent is something new. I immediately thought citrus when inhaling.

The sip is light, mellow, and at the same time thick. It is very creamy, almost buttery. The flavor is vegetal but not grassy. They call it sweet grass. It is very good. The aftertaste is sweet and lingering. There is a bit of dryness but no bitterness. I seldom use the word savory but I think this is a good opportunity for it here. Mouthwateringly delicious.

The scent of the wet leaf after the second steeping is fresh lake air. This is a very different cup than the first. It is less sweet and more milky tasting. It is even more savory than before. Very good in a totally new direction.

This will go another cup but I am out of time for the day,

Visit the Verdant Tea website.

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