Monday, May 23, 2016

Buddha Herbs, Chamomile Tea

Buddha Herbs Description:
For centuries, Chamomile has been a natural relaxant which is why we’ve extracted the natural flavor of a chamomile leaf into an organic herbal tea blend to help you sleep better and ease minor stomach discomfort. Our Organic Teas are made exclusively from homogeneous herbs cultivated, picked and processed under the strictest requirements for organic produce. These products meet the requirements of EU Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91 and the Rules for Organic Farming. We take great care to ensure that the tea packaging is also ecologically friendly; therefore no glue or metal elements are used while packing our Organic teas into filter bags.

Sample provided by Buddha Herbs

My Review:
Today has been the most beautiful day. Finally the rain has stopped, the sky has cleared, and the temperature is more like June than May. Sure beats the March weather we have been enduring. So I have torn myself away from the outdoors and settled into my den to review a tea. Today's choice is a chamomile tea from Buddha Herbs.

Their website seems aimed at the natural medicines and healthy living market. Sure nothing wrong with that. My reviews don't generally try to sway the reader one way or another when it comes to health claims, however chamomile is very commonly used too help one to relax and unwind making sleep come more easily. My wife does drink it for this very reason even if the science behind it doesn't necessarily support any benefit. In this case she doesn't require proof as she has personal experience. Me, I require something stronger but still drink it for the taste.

This is sold in sets of two or four shrink wrapped boxes. Each box contains 22 double chamber bags individually sealed in its own envelope wrapper. Each bag has a tag and a long string but no staple. The website also claims no glue - I'm not sure what holds it together.

The bags contain only 1.5g of chamomile, so stay with a smallish cup. I used 8oz per the package label. For me, a 6oz cup or double bag would be my personal recommendation.

Opening the envelop I catch a faint scent that reminds me of milled grain. I poured boiling water over the bag in my cup and steeped for 6 minutes.

The result is a lovely yellow cup. It has a nice aroma that is lightly spicy, kind of floral, and a bit like apple. The taste is very much the same. I admit to being pleasantly surprised. I don't normally drink chamomile from a bag. The flavor is a little on the light side but very tasty and balanced.

For fun I added my sweetener of choice. It took it extremely well. My wife who never adds sweetener even enjoyed it. She doesn't care for chamomile if it leans too far towards apple. She thought this one was very nice. Let me add, I thought this was reminiscent of apple pie filling, so just goes to show. We both enjoyed it but from different angles.

You can find Buddha Herbs Chamomile on their website. It can also  be found on Amazon


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