Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Petit Tea, Om Hot Cinnamon Spice

Picture Credit: Petit Tea
Petit Tea Description:
Blurring the line between Tea and Chai this blend of fine, natural Assam teas and complimenting aromatic spices is further enhanced by natural goodness of cinnamon oil. A truly fascinating tea drinking experience awaits you! Packed in silken mesh hand crafted pyramid sachets and packed in 95% bio-degradable box.

Natural Black tea, cinnamon, black pepper, cinnamon oil.

Sample provided by Petit Tea

My Review:
Alas all good things must come to an end. Today I am reviewing the last of the very generous samples provided by Petit Tea to The Everyday Tea Blog for review. From their tea infusers to the pyramid sachets, I can honestly say I enjoyed every one of them and have no problem recommending them. Let's see if this last sample leaves me with the same favorable impression.

This according to the description blurs the line between Tea and Chai. Personally, I'm not confused (though technically chai simply means tea). Chai always brings to my mind cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. Here we have an enhanced cinnamon tea with the use of cinnamon pieces and cinnamon oil, along with black pepper and a black Assam tea base.

The box contains 15 pyramid sachets each containing 2.5g of leaf. That is enough to make a hearty mug of tea. Each sachet is individually protected in its own clear sealed packet. Once the packet is cut open the intense aroma of cinnamon springs forth.

I used boiling water and steeped for three minutes. One thing I found true of all the Petit Sachets - the string is on the short side, so hold on to the tag when filling the mug, unless you like fishing it out later.

The brew is reminiscent of a cross between root beer and black cherry in color. It is a very nice bright mug of black tea. My photo does not do it justice. I have a new camera (a Canon EOS Rebel T5) given to me by my wife as a birthday present. So far I have barely learned to turn it on. Back to tea - the scent is warm cinnamon. It is not as intense as when dry.

The taste surprises me, as usual. I was expecting to be blasted with Red Hot intensity. I am not. This is a sane and well behaved cinnamon tea. Seriously, when was the last time you actually tasted the tea base behind a cinnamon tea? You can here and it is a nicely smooth assam. Also of note, the cinnamon isn't a dull boring taste like in so many grocery store blends. It is bold and deeper in flavor.

I wanted to taste it without additions first. It passed with flying colors. So having relaxed with the mug, I added sweetener as the label recommends. Interesting. This actually ramps up the cinnamon heat. Not scary heat, just a warming glow. I can still catch the base underneath.

Finally, because the instructions also suggest adding a splash of milk, I did. I've said it before but adding milk is not something I normally do as it isn't as visually appealing to me. I love the natural brew colors. I know, don't use a clear mug.

The taste with milk is again interesting. The heat remains (possibly from the pepper?) but the cinnamon taste is reduced a notch or two. The assam base blends with the milk while the cinnamon bounces all around the edges and the heat warms your tongue.

I have to say, Petit Tea finishes strong and on a positive note with this one. If you are looking for liquid Red Hots try Harney's Cinnamon Spice. If you prefer a lighter touch that still remains fun, then this is an excellent choice.

You can find Petit Tea Hot Cinnamon Spice here.


  1. See, every drink has its own affect, taste or liking from the users. This Petit tea must be different or good or has a different savor, but milk or black tea has its own place in the world of hot drinks. Thanks for sharing the review.

  2. I am the regular user of the Tea Hot Cinnamon Spice and i totally agree with all the characteristics which you have mentioned in this article thanks for sharing this information..