Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lov Teas, Awakened Awareness

Lov Teas Description:
Awakened Awareness Tea is an invigorating blend of sweet peppermint and apple, accompanied by peppery hints of ginger and ginseng. Beautifully steeped in sunlit green, it is a mindful addition to your morning routine, giving you an essential dose of balanced, calming energy.

Apple*, Ginger*, Spearmint*, Apple Mint*, Orange Peel*, Goji Berries*, Peppermint*, Hops*, Ginseng Root*

*100% Organically Grown

Sample provided by Lov Teas

My Review:
My wife asks me every time a new box of tea samples arrives at our door if there is anything in it that she can drink. I am more than willing to share but what she means, is any of it caffeine free. She has to avoid caffeine for a number of health reasons. So these blends from Lov Teas have made her very happy. This is the last of the samples and they actually sent two of the same thing.

Inside the colorful box is a bag containing the loose leaf. Honestly, when I see a box like this, I immediately think sachet, so surprise. The bag is not resealable (fold it over and seal with tape or a paperclip). Once opened, I could easily catch spearmint.

I removed some leaf for exam. Apple pieces, orange peel, and goji berries (yum) are easy to spot.

I used my stainless steel steeping basket as I normally do with herbals and small leaf teas. Fresh filtered boiling water was poured over the leaf in a mug.

I did not time the steep. I know, amateur move. I was looking up the tea on the website. It was about 5 minutes.

After removing the strainer, the resulting brew is a golden honey hue. It is a bit cloudy from the fine particles. I notice this a lot, so my strainer may not be as fine as it looks.

The aroma is much more complex and balanced compared to the dry scent. It is mainly mint but a good mix of spearmint and peppermint along with honey and apple.

The flavor moves as you sip. The different mints each come into play, swirling around each other. I can't separate the orange peel or the goji berry, yet the fruit quality is beyond simple apple, so the combination makes an undefinable but solid base for the cup. It finishes with a slight amount of heat from the ginger.

I was a little nervous about this one as it is an herbal which honestly I seldom drink and it had spearmint as an ingredient. What I noticed here is I actually did not mind the spearmint. I seldom enjoy it in black tea because it usually becomes too toothpaste tasting. That was not a problem in this blend. This was complex and enjoyable.

You can find Lov Teas Awakened Awareness here.

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  1. I love tea a lot! Though I have never tried more than one type, the powerful blend of apple, peppermint sound absolutely wonderful! Maybe I will try this one day.