Friday, May 6, 2016

Petit Tea, Om Ginger Cardamom Chai Latte

Picture Credit: Petit Tea
Petit Tea Description:
A healthy blend of warmth inspiring ginger taste and refreshing aroma of natural Malabar cardamom this comfort chai will keep you from reaching for calorie rich comfort foods. Anytime. Packed in silken mesh hand crafted pyramid sachets and packed in 95% bio-degradable box.

Sample provided by Petit Tea

My Review:
I love spring. The blooms. The greening of the world. Unfortunately, with blooms and warm weather comes pollen and other yucky stuff. The medicine I am taking is wreaking havoc on my sense of smell and taste.

For today's review I wanted to make something that could cut through the spring nasties. This one from Petit's Om series seems just what I need.

When I cut open the plastic outer wrap of the individually wrapped pyramid sachet, the ginger and cardamom filled the room. Yep, I can smell it and I don't have to get real close. Dry it is potent.

I debated how I was going to prepare it today. Chai is traditionally 'cooked' on the stove with milk and lots of sugar. I opted for a simpler method. I boiled my water and steeped the sachet along with a packet of Splenda. While steeping, I put half a cup of 2% milk in the microwave and got it very hot. Pouring the milk into the tea, I continued to steep a couple additional minutes.

The  result is a biege/clay colored mug that smells sensational. I usually steep chai just in water so I can get a good picture of the steeped tea without additions. Today, I just wanted a little closer to real chai so I skipped straight through to the end.

The aroma is spicy and floral. In most chai blends I have a difficult time separating the cardamom from the clove and cinnamon. With those two ingredients missing, the cardamom gets a real opportunity to shine. I sensed the ginger far more in the dry scent than in the mug.

This is just so warm and comforting. The ginger does add a small touch of heat at the end but nothing to be feared. It just fits. This would be excellent late in the day around a fire.

Prepared as I have done here, this is not an overly complex cup. For that I am happy. I just feel this is meant to be a comfort cup and not a deep meditation tea.

Normally my mug reaches room temperature and there is still some left at the end of my typing. Today the mug has been empty for the last several paragraphs and I am about to steep another.

You can find Petit Tea Ginger Cardamom Chai Latte here.

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