Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pickwick, Tropical Fruit

Pickwick description:

Pickwick Tropical Fruit has all the taste of real fruit. Real pieces of tropical fruit are added resulting in a delicious, refreshing tea with lemon flavor. Enjoy your cup of Pickwick Tropical Fruit at any time moment of the day.

The package contains 20 individually Wrapped Tea Bags 2g each.
Net Weight: 1.50oz/40g

Ingredients: Black Tea, flavoring, fruit pieces (banana, mango, pineapple, passion fruit) (0.7%)

My Review:
I think this is the third or fourth Pickwick tea I have reviewed. I received these in a tea swap where I appear to have gotten the better end of the deal. It was not intentional. The paper envelope and the smallish looking tea bag have been deceiving. These have actually been pleasant teas worthy of a sip. Let's see if this one continues the trend.

The bag itself was only lightly fruity scented. I mug steeped this with boiling water for three minutes. The resulting brew is dark caramel. The bag, like the others, did not plump a lot. The fannings in the bag must be extremely fine cut as there is a full 2g of leaf. The aroma is of mango and passion fruit.

The taste is passion fruit and mango. I can, or think I can, pick out a light banana late in the sip. I do not taste pineapple, which is fine with me. The black tea base is present but nondescript. I cannot single it out. As the cup cools the banana does exert itself a bit more.

The fruit flavors seem quite natural. The interesting thing is the fruit is not big over done heavy flavors. They used a very light touch in this tea. Like the other teas by this company, if you can find it, for a simple bagged tea this makes a pleasant cup worthy of a sip.

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