Monday, April 1, 2013

Ahmad, Mint Green Tea

Ahmad Description:
A fine blend of green tea, enhanced with the aroma of mint for a truly refreshing experience. Enjoy our Green Tea with Mint as a healthy low-caffeine choice of beverage.

My Review:
Full disclosure before I taste - Ahmad is my favorite go to brand of bagged tea. It is pretty high quality for the price. That being said, I have never had a spearmint tea I like. It tastes like drinking tea with gum in your mouth. That might be OK except I never chew spearmint gum. This can't end well.

I was hoping this was peppermint. I love peppermint. Opening the mylar envelope and sniffing reveals the scent of spearmint. It is not overwhelming but its there. Be brave.

I heated the water to heavy steaming and steeped for about 3 minutes. The scent is minty. The taste is, uhhm... minty. No surprise. What is a surprise is this isn't horrible. I will never ever crave spearmint tea, but if someone offered me a cup of this one I would say, "Yes please!" I can actually taste the green base tea.

By far my favorite spearmint tea and no surprise it comes from my favorite go to tea brand.


  1. Yes, Yes, I have been drinking Ahmad Mint Green Tea for years, every day. Unfortunately, it appears that they have replaced it with "Mint Mystique" which is, of course, overdredged with mint-like flavor but is not the subtle, gentile, wonderful lightness of the original. I am having trouble finding it any more, so, if you have a source, please let me know. (

    1. I just tried this last year. Now it does appear to have been replaced. I have not tried the Mint Mystique version but if it amps up the spearmint, I probably would not like it either. Contact Ahmad. I have always found them quick to respond to friendly comments on their products.