Monday, April 29, 2013

Bigelow, Perfect Peach

Bigelow Description:
Here's a delightfully different blend with the aroma and taste of fresh, ripe peaches and herbs. Perfect Peach™, with its fresh-from-the-orchard flavor is a delicious treat whether you serve it steaming hot or over ice. 20 individually foil wrapped tea bags per box. 6 boxes per case. Net Wt. 1.37 oz. (38g).

Rose hips, hibiscus, peaches, natural and artificial peach flavor, spices, orange peel, lemon peel, apples, strawberry leaves, roasted chicory. Gluten free. Caffeine free.

My Review:
This one came my way through various hands. A friend gave it to me after trying it only one time. He got it from his sister who had tried it a couple times. It's not sounding good for this Bigelow offering. Ah well, maybe third time is charm.... Or maybe not... We'll see.

This is a bagged herbal tea. I steeped the bag for an undetermined time... ok, i forgot the cup. It was probably close to 5 minutes. It happens. Since this is an herbal, oversteeping should not be an issue. The aroma is very peachy. It smells promising. The cup is not very peachy looking. It is very dark and kind of purple tinted. That seems a bit strange but this does contain rose hips and hibiscus.

I let the cup cool before taking my first sip. This starts nicely peach with apple and faint cinnamon. Towards the end of the sip the flavor drops off into some darker notes that I can't determine. As it cools more the flavors balance a little more but the tartness of the hibiscus becomes more noticeable.

This is not the worst herbal I have ever tried. It could be greatly improved, in my opinion, by removing the hibiscus. I have noticed true tea drinkers generally dislike hibiscus, so I am not alone. Tisane (or herbal) drinkers apparently don't mind it. Whether you find this good or bad may depend on your tastes. That is always true, I guess, but even more so here. Personally, I don't hate it but I am not a fan.

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