Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nina's Teas USA, Nina's Paris

Nina's Teas Description:

Blood orange, peach, strawberry, cherry, 
This tasty blend will fill you with its exquisite fruity flavour. Orange, peach, strawberry and cherry brightened with sunflowers to please all tastes.

Sample provided by Nina's Teas USA

My Review:
Another sample I unexpectedly received from Nina's Teas USA. I love surprises. This sample simply said Nina's on the zip lock bag. Looking at the pictures, this appears to be what I will be tasting today.

I poured the contents of the bag into my press with 10oz of just off boiling water. I steeped for 3 minutes. The dry leaf scent is lightly orange. The brew looks reddish brown in the press. The aroma of the cup is orange and peach.

In the taste I am getting predominately orange, followed and supported by peach. Both taste natural. They are light and the sip seems a bit creamy. As the cup cools, the strawberry comes out of hiding. The cherry is the last to be detected by me. The black base tea is smooth with no astringency. Like all of Nina's teas that I have tried, this  is a subtle cup. This is not a bold fruit blast. It is a quiet, balanced cup, that reveals itself in layers as you sip. Experiencing this cup left me feeling quite relaxed.

Nina's Paris has been around for over 300 years. Just recently they have begun to sell tea in America. You can find at least some of the offerings on Amazon. They also plan to open an ecommerce webstore at ninasteastore.

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