Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Good Day On The Tea Aisle

So today my wife and I went to Bloomington to shop. My wife wanted to hit the craft stores. Did I tag along just because I am a good husband? Uhmm no. I had ulterior motives.

There is a world food store in the town named Sahara Mart. Back in my early quest to try every tea on earth this store was one of my main hunting grounds. They have an entire aisle dedicated to tea. Most of it, but not all, is tea bags. Still it was more tea than I had ever seen in my life. Most of my tea shopping now is loose leaf and found online. This place is still where I go when I need a quick fix of comfort tea.

Today I was looking for just a simple loose leaf green tea to use in mixing with several herbs I have growing in my yard. I kind of forgot what I went for and never got my green tea. Instead I walked out with a box of Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane, left over from Christmas, that I have heard good things about. Also I grabbed a variety pack of decaffeinated Bigelow teas for my wife and I to share. She cannot tolerate caffeine.

The main reason I forgot my plain green was I found a one pound (actually 500g) box of Ahmad Green Tea with Earl Grey. For several years this was my absolute favorite tea. I ordered it often from Amazon as I had never been able to buy it locally. It always irritated me I paid as much for shipping as I did the tea. Today I found it on the shelf for $8.99. Did I mention this is over a pound of tea? Today being Tuesday meant it was 10% off - so $8.09! That's 200 - 250 cups of comfort tea for about 8 bucks! 400 - 500 cups if I steep twice, which I always do. That is $0.02 or less per cup. I love a bargain - especially when it is a favorite comfort tea.

Yep, it was a good day on the tea aisle.

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