Friday, June 28, 2013

Townshend's Tea Company, #76 Superberry

Townshend's Description:
Wild herbal infusion containing copious amounts of vitamin C. Blend of elderberries, currants, rose hips and hibiscus. A flavor-bonanza. Also highly recommended as an iced tea.

My Review:
I had not heard of this company previously. I looked them up on Steepster. Many of their teas have received pretty good ratings. So I feel pretty good trying this herbal blend. The scent of the dry mix is highly aromatic. Flowery, fruity, but dark. I find it appealing. It reminds me of black raspberries or black cherries.

I used a full scoop, about 5g, in my Finum basket. Normally I reserve the Finum for fine herbal blends. This is made of large pieces so it isn't necessary. I just felt like a quick to mug brew this evening. The water was heated to highly steaming but not boiling. The steep time was about 4 minutes. The instructions call for 6+ but I am being cautious.

The brew is very dark and purple tinted around the rim. It smells really good. The taste is... tart. I am glad I did not go 6 minutes. Very tart black raspberry. OK, its really currant and hibiscus. The quality of the ingredients seems high and the blend is nicely balanced. It is just as a hot beverage, it is not grabbing me. As it reaches room temperature I am starting to warm up to it. I think I need to try this cold. It might be refreshing that way.

My wife decided she wanted to try this as it is caffeine free. As she downed her second cup, I lost possession of the bag. While this wasn't my thing, she really likes it. I would not hesitate to try other teas by Townshend's Tea Company.

Visit the Townshend's Tea Company site.

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