Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Celestial Seasonings, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride

Celestial Seasonings Description:
"This cheerful holiday blend will warm your heart with the inviting aroma and delightfully simple taste of freshly baked sugar cookies straight from the oven. Like all of our teas, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride has no refined sweeteners or added sugars — giving you a guilt-free way to partake freely in the pleasures of the season."

Milk thistle, roasted barley, orange peel, natural sugar cookie flavor with other natural flavors and vanilla bean.

My Review:
After being blown away by Candy Cane Lane I commented that I would have to find this one, so my tea friend gmathis sent some Sleigh Ride bags my way. Her preference with this one is to use two bags in each cup. Instead I am going to try it in my tiny 6oz cup with one bag. If I mess it up, I get a few more tries at getting it right.

I can’t imagine anyone (at least in the western sugar addicted world) not smiling when they smell this stuff in the bag or brewing. Almost makes you want to check to see if the oven is on. They absolutely nail the aroma of sugar cookies.

The taste of my first attempt didn't make me think sugar cookie as much as butterscotch. I looked up recipes for both and they seem to use the same basic ingredients in differing amounts. Well, I recall sugar cookies used white sugar and butterscotch uses brown. Anyway, I think this has too much buttery flavor for sugar cookies. It is really good, just different than the aroma suggests. My granddad always had butterscotch disc candy around when we would visit. So bonus points for memories.

On my second attempt I used one bag and a 12 oz mug. Of course it turned out much weaker (a little too weak) but I thought overall it had a truer sugar cookie taste. I did add a packet of Splenda. I am glad I have multiple bags of this. I am still looking for that sweet spot of water to bag.

Next, I tried this in an 8 oz cup. I heated the water to heavily steaming, but not boiling. The steep time was about 3 minutes. I must say this tastes magically like sugar cookies. I have definitely found the method that works for me and I will definitely own a box of this the moment I find it on the local shelves.

I admit having avoided Celestial Seasonings for years. I thought the boxes were too cutesy to be taken seriously. I believe I am going to have to reconsider. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride makes for a fun cup and I can definitely see why it is a holiday favorite. Me, I just happen to like cookies any time of year.

According to Bonnie, also from Steepster (and an awesome story teller), you can buy this year round directly from Celestial Seasonings. I also found it on Amazon available in a six pack. Christmas year round. Woot!


  1. Hi Kevin, I just quit sugar and artificial sweeteners. I would like a tea that's naturally sweetened by natural means. I don't like the spicy stuff. i found the sugar cookie stuff but if I really wanted sugar cookies I think I would eat them not drink them. Anyway, maybe I'm being too picky. Is there any such tea out there that would fit the bill. Thanks, Sally Hicks novice teat lover.

    1. I've been thinking about this. First, admission: I am a Splenda junkie. I try to taste the teas for my reviews without it first but it generally gets added before the cup is done. Except, and strangely opposite of most people, I never sweeten iced tea (with the exception of Starbucks Green Tea Frap). It ruins it for me. Back on point, I know I have tried several that sweetener added nothing or even made it too sweet for this sweet tooth. I just can't recall which teas at the moment. The oolong I reviewed today - Ti Kuan Yin by Ocean Of Tea was pretty sweet on its own. Not like sweetened sweet, but naturally sweet. Some teas, are blended with stevia. It is supposedly a natural sweetener. Check the label on your grocers shelves or read the ingredient list carefully on websites. I'm not much help but good luck on kicking the habit.

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