Thursday, June 13, 2013

Celestial Seasonings, Candy Cane Lane

Celestial Seasonings Description:
"This delectable holiday blend starts with naturally decaffeinated green tea and adds unmistakable seasonal flavors like cool peppermint, creamy vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Candy canes have been cherished symbols of holiday spirit for centuries, and Candy Cane Lane® is sure to become a festive and healthy tradition at your celebrations!"

Peppermint, decaffeinated green tea, orange peel, natural vanilla and mint flavors with other natural flavors, cinnamon, milk thistle, blackberry leaves, roasted carob, roasted chicory and vanilla bean.

My Review:
OK, what gives? It's not Christmas. Heck, I can't even claim Christmas in July. Oh well, I have read rave reviews of this one for ages. I stumbled on a box, left over from the holidays, and I knew I had to have it.

Removing the outer wrap and opening the box reveals an inner waxed coated looking bag. Opening the bag, my senses are filled with a blast of peppermint. It reminds me of little peppermint candies that come in a roll. I can nearly smell the peppermint dust in the bottom of the roll. I sure hope this isn't too overwhelming.

The bags are tagless and stringless. They are joined two bags to a sheet. Removing one, I placed it in the cup and pour on nearly boiling water. The brew is golden and turns darker as the cup cools. I left the bag in the cup just because I could. It never got bitter. I added a packet of Splenda. Come on, its candy tea. It's supposed to be sweet.

This stuff is seriously awesome. The peppermint strong but somehow just right. The icy blast is followed by just a touch of vanilla. Enough to add a creamy texture late in the sip. I can only barely make out the cinnamon, but I think it works as support to the cup. I only detect the green tea in the aftertaste. I am not sure what the other ingredients add as I can't separate them out but they are surely there for a reason.

If you are looking for a flavorful green tea with some background flavoring, this isn't it. If you are looking for a candy adventure in a cup without the calories, this is the cup for you. This seriously lives up to the hype. You can probably find it at your local grocery store - during the holidays or maybe you can stumble upon a box out of season like I did. Now if I could only find a box of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride....

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