Monday, February 15, 2016

3 Leaf Tea, Furry Peak

3 Leaf Tea Description:
This green tea's delicate leaves are covered in white downy hairs. Brewing the tea produces a crisp fresh aroma that is reminiscent of Spring. The taste is light with a soft peach note that lingers on the tongue.

Sample provided by 3 Leaf Tea

My Review:
This weekend, I survived preparing my tax returns and later prepared a candlelight steak dinner for my Valentine. Smoke alarms may have gone off during that last one. Steak was perfect though, as was the company. Later it began to snow, seeming near white out conditions at times. Today it was extremely foggy all morning. Perfect time for tea.

3 Leaf Tea blends their own flavored matcha and hot chocolate mixes. They have recently expanded with a select offering of loose leaf teas. Today I have grabbed Furry Peak, otherwise known as Mao Feng.

The leaf is a very dark green, appearing almost grayish. There are some lighter green and yellow streaks running down the small curly leaf. Looking really close, the leaf is covered with downy hairs.

Dry, it has a grassy, ocean, and malt aroma.

I used my French Press and about 1 1/2 tsp of leaf. The directions call for 1 tsp, but I am making a mug sized cup. The water was heated to 175 F and the steep time was 2 minutes, per label directions.

After pouring the liquor, I noticed the now spring green like leaf felt really soft and delicate. Yes, I still play with my food. It has a rich umami aroma. I think in the past I have called this scent, both spinach and beef stew. Such a wonderful smell.

The brew itself is a lovely green tinted yellow. After giving it a moment to settle, it is bright and clear.

3Leaf says the cup aroma is reminiscent of spring, of course I've already described it as smelling like lunch... lunch... mmmmm. To me, spring better describes the taste. It is fresh, crisp, and lightly grassy, with a mild clean bite. They mention it having a soft peach note. I would not have described it as such had they not stated so, but can agree because they did. It really doesn't quite hit that mark with me, however, I cannot find a better word to describe the note, except maybe delicious.

It seems more savory than sweet to me, and yet I have no desire to add sweetener to this lovely cup. It is a moderately light cup, so if you only like big bold in your face hearty black teas, you probably aren't going to dig this one. If on the other hand you love a gentler cup of green tea, this is a very worthy version of Mao Feng.

You can find 3 Leaf Tea Furry Peak here.

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