Monday, February 22, 2016

Petit Tea, Opulence Cashmere Saffron Tea

Petit Tea Description:
A unique blend of green tea, natural cardamom and cinnamon.

Sample provided by Petit Tea

My Review:
This Cashmere Saffron infuser is part of the Opulence Variety Pack containing 2 each of 4 unique blends. Each is individually wrapped and packed in its own box.

As soon as I opened the plastic wrap, I become convinced the ingredients listed in the description is incomplete. Looking through the Petit Tea website, I find a Cashmere Saffron in a pyramid sachet. It lists the ingredients as: Green tea, natural saffron, natural cardamom, cinnamon & other natural flavours.  Is this the same? I can't be sure until I review the sachet in the near future, but for now, this list of ingredients makes more sense.

The dry aroma is floral and almost a powdery perfume talc scent, which is slightly lavender to my nose but not quite.

I brought fresh water to a boil and poured over the infuser in a mug. The infuser, as you can see in the picture, is a rectangular aluminum box pierced with many holes to allow for water circulation. The infuser is large enough to give ample space for the leaf to move and swell during steeping while keeping leaf out of your mug.

I steeped for two minutes giving the infuser a couple swirls during the process. The result is a golden yellow cup of tea. It still has some remnants of the floral aroma but its lighter and I now catch cardamom notes.

Tasting, I am immediately struck with how different this tastes compared to both the dry and brewed aroma. I first notice cinnamon. It is not hot or grab you spicy. It is a pleasant adult level of flavor. Then I catch the cardamom. It is similar to cinnamon with an added clove like flavor. This blends in your brain with the aroma to make a pleasantly relaxing drink that feels a bit exotic. The green tea is best captured just as the aftertaste begins to kick in.

This is not chai but I think it would most likely appeal to chai lovers for a luxurious break from the routine.      

Petit Tea Opulence Variety Pack containing the Cashmere Saffron  tea infuser can be found on Amazon or direct from Petit Tea.

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