Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pique Tea, Jasmine

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Pique Tea Description:
Spring harvested green tea infused with fresh Summer Jasmine blooms. A perfect harmony of delicate flavors. Smooth and fragrant.

Sample provided by Pique Tea

My Review:
I reviewed Earl Grey by Pique Tea earlier this month. I rather enjoyed it. So today I am looking forward to giving their organic Jasmine green tea a try.

I have to admit, I really did not know what to expect when I received these samples. Pique brews tea made with fresh whole leaves and using a proprietary method they apply pressure and turn the liquid tea into a crystallized product. At its root the crystals are essentially instant tea but honestly it is unlike any 'instant' I had ever tried.

Pique offers their crystals in a monthly subscription service of which there are multiple plans. At the time of this writing, Pique allows you to sample a box for free. I also notice the website offers an individual box price, though I am not sure how you go about buying a single box from them.

The individual packets are small enough to take with you anywhere. I cut open the jasmine packet for a sniff test. It is sweet, flowery, natural, jasmine scented. It is a lovely scent that is not overwhelming or perfumey.

I poured the contents into my freshly washed and warmed mug. A few drops of water remained in the bottom so naturally, it immediately commences to become tea. The dry crystals are very fine and resemble a hot cocoa mix in color and texture.

I heated water to 190F. I learned from my previous experience with the Earl Grey that you can use ice cold water if that is the way you prefer your tea. You could also use boiling water without fear. The proper brewing time and temperature was handled by Pique. That frees you from worrying about getting it right. I chose a temperature that would allow me to start sipping a steamy cup right away.

The addition of the water grants instant gratification in the form of a golden cup of floral delight. Stirring the hot liquid is not necessary. The crystals disappear the moment the water hits.

Despite using 10 oz of hot water, I have a flavorful mug. The jasmine is the first flavor I notice. As in the dry scent, it is very natural and lightly sweet. The flavor does not hide so if you prefer a really mellow cup try adding more water. If you like it a little more in your face, use less water. The 10 oz seems perfect for my tastes.

Don't think this scented tea is a one note wonder as often found in many flavored versions. The green tea asserts itself by mid sip and finishes with a clean green tea bite. The aftertaste lingers long, sweet and grassy.

Again, I find myself fairly impressed. If you are normally a tea bag user, I believe you will be more than satisfied with the quality. For those who generally use only loose leaf teas, many of you will again be quite pleased with what Pique has accomplished.

To the loose leaf purist, who demand, and are willing to pay high dollar for, the best, you will find some of the more delicate nuances seem scooped out of the middle. I mention this as an acknowledgment of some limitation of the crystallization process, though I think it a moot point as the purists aren't likely to be the target audience.

This tea seems perfectly suited to busy on the go tea drinkers and those who need a convenient 'fix' in the office. For both situations I think you will find Pique Tea more than up to the challenge. This is everyday tea for real life on the go.

You can find Jasmine direct from Pique Tea.

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  1. This Pique tea sounds interesting, perfectly suits for me especially during work where I have less time preparing for my tea.