Friday, February 26, 2016

Petit Tea, Om Cashmere Saffron

Petit Tea Description:
This blend of green tea, natural saffron, natural green cardamom and cinnamon elevates tea to a gourmet luxury. Garnish your steep with slivered almonds and natural honey for a must have tea experience.


Green tea, natural saffron, natural cardamom, cinnamon & other natural flavours

Sample provided by Petit Tea

My Review:
Your eyes do not deceive you. I have reviewed a Cashmere Saffron recently from Petit Tea. The first was an infuser stick from their Opulence line. This one is a pyramid sachet from the Om series of teas. I was curious myself to see how nearly identical are these two teas.

The infuser lists the ingredients simply as a unique blend of green tea, natural cardamom and cinnamon. The moment the outer wrap is removed it is obvious there is more going on.

The Om tea list ingredients as: Green tea, natural saffron, natural cardamom, cinnamon & other natural flavours.

The two have nearly an identical dry aroma, so I believe the ingredients are pretty much the same, though the ratio may be slightly different. Both are listed as containing 2.5 g of leaf.

The pyramid sachet is made from hand crafted silken mesh. One note here, if you use a mug, hold on to the tag when adding water as it is a little on the short side. The box uses non-toxic soy ink and is completely biodegradable.

I heated the water to 175 F. The label doesn't give a temperature that I noticed, so I went with my gut. Although this is stated as being from India so possibly boiling would work. The steep time was two minutes.

The website calls this a greenish liquor. It reminded me more of sunflowers but I used a clear mug and they used a white ceramic bowl.

The brewed cup has the same floral slightly spicy aroma as the dry. I have never encountered saffron before. To me, the scent is almost lavender talc with notes of cardamom.

Tasting, this is as similar as it is different from the Opulence mug. The infuser hit first with cinnamon, moving into cardamom, before trailing into a grassy green tea bite, all surrounded by the aroma of floral saffron.

The sachet hits solidly up front with the saffron. It is sweet and mildly spicy floral. It isn't perfumey. The cardamom supports under the saffron. The trailing green tea appears at the end but not as heavy a bite or as pronounced.

The first few sips leave me unsure what I think as it is so different from my usual fair. The more I sip, the more I get it, and I start to really enjoy this cup. I was going to add honey but my little bear has turned to concrete. I added Splenda instead. It took it well but seemed a little unnecessary to me.

The Opulence and the Om cups are quite different while being equally similar. Which did I prefer? This one.... that one... this... that... I can't decide.

You can find Om Cashmere Saffron on Amazon or direct from Petit Tea.

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