Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dens Tea, Kuradashi Sencha

Den's Tea Description:
In 2010, Shizuoka initiated a project to build a replica of the kura that was used by the Shogun Tokugawa who lived from 1542 to 1616. The replica kura was built in Ikawa in Shizuoka at an elevation of over 3,000 ft. Once the kura was completed, our parent company, Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, was allowed to store a small quantity of first flush tea there.

Tasting Profile: This delicate waves brings a creamy taste. Kuradashi Sencha is aromatic and has a mellow Umami acquired in the naturally cooled kura at Ikawa.

My Review:
I researched this tea after tasting and reviewing. This was a very limited edition tea. I really should look this stuff up first.

This came in the mail from TeaEqualsBliss of SoriTEA Sisters fame. The leaf is dark thin spikes. I used all of what was left in the sample pouch, which was one generous scoop of leaf. I steeped this for about a minute and a half in steaming water. I may have overheated as it was really steaming in the press. The brew is light green. The leaf really expanded. I could have used half as much and had some for another day. I am feeling a bit like an amateur at this time.

The smell of the leaf and the mug is green steamed veggies.

So I take a sip of the first cup - Lord Almighty, I should have used half the scoop, half the water temp, and half the steep time. This is take your face off Sencha. Wow!

Second cup – with just steaming water and a one minute steep. Now this is a good cup of tea. Sweet and green. Grassy but not too grassy. Lingering aftertaste with a bit of bite. I like it.

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