Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Leaves, Alpine berry

Two Leaves Description:
We turned to hibiscus, blackberry leaves, and orange peel when we created this tea and it reminded us of a wonderful hike in the mountains of Colorado, where we live. This bright berry tea brews up a beautiful jewel-toned shade of red. Perfect for sipping on a cold day, or refreshing over ice.

Price: $7.95 for 15 sachets. Steep twice for $0.26 per cup.

Part of the Complete Sampler Pack provided by Two Leaves Tea Company

My Review
I grabbed this one for a late evening sip as it is caffeine free. The sachet scent is fruity goodness. I couldn't wait to soak it in water. I boiled the water and steeped for about three minutes. They say this brews up a beautiful jewel-toned shade of red. It sure looked purple to me. The scent is one of those interesting mixes you can't quite figure out. Its kind of blackberry but with all this other stuff going on.

From the description on Steepster, this is a herbal potpourri of hibiscus, apple peel, rose hips, blackberry leaves, orange peel, strawberry, and raspberry, that can be enjoyed hot or iced. I tried it hot then let it cool to room temperature.

Despite the strong berry fruit blast in the aroma. I found this to taste a little flat and thin. It is a little tart. That would be the hibiscus. Not really a fan. I added sweetener and it did not improve it greatly. I am not a fruit / herbal sipper. The black and green teas by Two Leaves have all been very enjoyable, so maybe this is good. All I can say is, I loved the smell, but the taste left me wanting.

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  1. I liked this one, but I'm drawn to tart flavors. Happy New Year!