Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Leaves Tea Company, Organic Assam

Two Leaves Description:
Sure, you can sip Assam for breakfast. We encourage it. But we're not going to call this tea the classic "English Breakfast," because that typically refers to a blend of lesser quality teas. These are big, black, organic tea leaves grown in Assam, India, where hot days and cool nights bring out a rich, full flavor.

Price: $7.95 for 15 sachets. That's $0.53 per sachet. It will steep twice reducing the cost to $0.26/mug

This sachet is from the Complete Sampler Kit provided by Two Leaves.

My Review:
I can’t recall the last straight Assam that I reviewed. It has been a long time. Assam, in the past, has always struck me as beige. Nice but not memorable. Let’s see if Two Leaves changes my mind. This is a whole leaf sachet. I have only had tea bag fannings thus far in my tea journey. The sachet comes sealed in a clear plastic envelope. The sachet itself is biodegradable nylon. You can see the leaf inside and it does look pretty much intact and not the tiny dust specks I am accustomed to seeing.

The dry leaf does not have a lot of scent. I heated 12oz of water to boiling and poured over the sachet. The instructions say use a 4 minute steep. Mine was closer to 3 and a half. The brew has nice and dark. I removed the sachet and fought my old instincts to squeeze. If tea hurts your stomach, the two main reasons are over steeping and squeezing the bag – don’t do it! I resisted and instead, I turned it over a few times to drain it. I am amazed at how much it plumped up. Dry, I wondered if there was really going to be enough. Now the sachet is bloated with leaf. Cool.

As the cup sits cooling, I notice the aroma. It is wonderfully fruity, almost like a cherry pipe tobacco. This has me intrigued. As I begin sipping the fruity aroma fills my nostrils. At this point, the tea can taste like water and I am going to like it. Of course it doesn’t taste like water. It is cherry and woodsy. What else is that I taste? Is it malt? Why yes it is and it is good! There is no bitterness. The astringency seems light. This is hardly the beige I was expecting. Thank you Two Leaves for tearing down another wall of preconceived notions and enlightening me.

The second cup was just as tasty as the first.

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