Saturday, December 22, 2012

Twinings, Orange Bliss

Twinings Description:
Fine black tea expertly blended with the alluring flavour of freshly-squeezed oranges to deliver a delightful tea with a sweet aroma and fresh citrus taste.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Natural Orange Flavour with Other Natural Flavours

My Review:
This is the second of three teabags I received from Twinings. I have tried very few of their teas that I did not like. Twinings has been in business a long time and they know what they are doing. The best part for the Everyday Tea Drinker is you can almost always find at least some of their offerings at your local small town grocer. Admittedly, I have never seen Orange Bliss before, which is why I requested this one.

Upon opening the wrapper, I smell orange. Rather than fresh oranges, it reminds me more of those soft sugar coated candy orange slices I used to eat as a kid. I loved them. Do they even still make them? I am really craving them now. I love when a tea can evoke memories.

I steeped this, using boiling water, for three minutes. Then added sweetener and waited for it to cool. I have had a few orange teas in the past and generally liked the idea but not the execution. Simply put, they tasted weird to me. This one I like and would drink the whole box. Does it taste natural or fake? I can't really say as I don't eat oranges. It tastes just like those candy slices I just mentioned. That’s what I want orange to taste like. So for me it hits the target. Your mileage may vary. *Update before I even post this one. A Steepster friend whose reviews I respect said this does taste like real oranges. So there you have it.

The one complaint I have is the same as I feel about most of Twinings flavored teas. The base is a little too unnoticeable. I would love to see this orange flavor go up against a memorable black tea. I would love to see a good hearty bite in the mix with this flavor and see what magic happens. As it is, this is a sweet mellow treat that I would gladly drink again.

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