Friday, December 21, 2012

Nature's Tea Leaf, Bergamot Green Tea

Nature's Tea Leaf Description:
Bergamot Green Tea is a select Sencha green tea with genuine, dried pieces of bergamot. The Sencha tea leaves are green and have a flat, smooth, and narrow body. Bergamot, a “Chinese bitter orange,” is a citrus aurantium, a type of citrus fruit that is yellow in color with a pleasant fragrance and sour, sweet taste. When infused, the tea liquid is light yellow. Naturally fortified with antioxidants, our Bergamot Green Tea is potent with a citrusy aroma and a bold and stimulating flavor. With a hint of muscatel, this tea has a pleasantly dry finish you are sure to enjoy.

Price: $6:00/2oz

Sample provided by Nature's Tea Leaf for review.

My Review:
I am home today. I took a snow day. There isn’t that much snow but the wind is howling causing the snow to drift faster than the road crews can plow it. I talked with my sons who both work the night shift. They said it was treacherous out there. I decided to head for the couch. On the way I grabbed a Pop Tart and went looking for tea. I need Earl Grey, but I don’t have any at home. Yeah, it’s at work. I do have an ounce of Bergamot Green Tea.

I opened the pouch and sniffed. Ok, this isn’t Earl Grey. At least not the kind I normally drink. This smells of green tea with light citrus/pepper notes. I heated my water and poured into the press where a scoop of the leaf was waiting. The steep time was about a minute. The resulting brew was yellow turning amber in the cup.

Some teas have layers of flavors that can each be detected as you sip. Some teas are just a muddy mess. This tea is different from both extremes. Here we have closer to a melding of flavors where the green tea and the pieces of bergamot fit seamlessly together. What I mean is there are different flavor elements but you can’t tell where one begins and the other ends. This is Sencha, and light citrus. It also tastes a lot like pepper without the heat. It completely makes me think Gurman’s Pepper Mango, spicy but without heat. This is not Earl Green. It is something completely different and interesting.

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